Investing Strategies

No Speculation – CASHFLOW is King!


New year, new ideas, new perspective!  I love to start out the new year with NEW goals to help me plan out ahead of time all the steps and challenges I will face in the year … How exciting it will be! 

I can’t believe that winter is almost over and spring is in the air if you live in the GTA.  Many savvy investors have already been preparing for the spring market and watching for indications of things to come in 2017.  To date, the inventory level of detached homes is still at its history low and the demand for single family houses has been and still is stronger than ever.  This could only mean one thing – price gain!  It’s in my humble opinion that the prices across all real estate classes (single detached, townhouses, condo) will continue to rise this year.  How quickly?  We shall soon see!

Despite the rise in rent, it’s still challenging to find great cashflow properties and passive investments.  It is always crucial to remember that cashflow is the corner stone of any successful investment portfolio.  You want your money to give off income regardless if you work or not.  That’s why I focus on “CASHFLOW IS KING” motto when I search for properties to add to my portfolio.  It’s easy to fall into the speculation game with the current price gain.  We at CE Properties do not advocate speculation type of investments because our goal is to provide solid investment opportunities for our investors.  It is still entirely up to you how you would like to invest … just take caution and be aware as well as be prepared!  That’s my advice.
For those of you who are interested in learning more about real estate investing and even partnering with us in some future real estate investment projects, we are more than happy to invite to contact us!